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Our Family Marketing Team

Bart Z.

IT Director

Bart Z. About Me

With over 4 years of website development experience, Bart has a deep understanding of HTML, Javascript, CSS, User Experience, and Search Engine Optimization. Being able to blend all of these skills creates an aesthetic website which converts sales and ranks high in Search Engines.

Zack Z.

Marketing Director

Zack Z. About Me

In 2015 after reading an article about good jobs on home/life balance, Zack dedicated his career/craft to digital marketing. After working as and SEO Specialist at one of the largest Auto Dealership Website Developers in the world (picture), Zack decided to help businesses increase their sales and smiles with his family.

Tara Z.

Creative Director

Tara Z. About Me

Having been bitten by the creative bug and being left-handed, Tara is the head of photography and videography of our team. Her input and attention to detail is what makes our family team complete!

SEO Asheville is located out of Asheville, North Carolina but we serve the entire nation.

Why choose the family digital marketing business? Why not hire a big agency? This is why.

We at SEO Asheville understand the value of family, and we want to make you part of ours.

SEO Asheville offers a personal approach to brand building and lead acquisition, no cookie cutter plans with different departments that don’t correspond with each other.

At SEO Asheville, we approach brand awareness and business growth from three separate angles. Website Development – led by IT Director Bart Zandstra. Digital Marketing – led by Marketing Director, Zachary Zandstra. and Photography – led by our Creative Director, Tara Zandstra.

Our close-knit team, equipped with a variety of skills, tools, and experience, works closely together to implement scalable & effective solutions to your online business plan.

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